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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mega Sons of Garage Fuzz Volume 7

Up to the letter G as these fab posts from that great huge Torrent continue.......And remember, there is
NO overlap between this series and the "first" Garage Fuzz series I posted directly before I started these.....I removed the overlapping tracks to guarantee all "new" material in each volume. Glad everyone is enjoying these.

VOLUME 7-01 THE GANTS-Look at the Sun/02 THE GANTS-Road Runner/03 GUNGA DYNS-No One Cares/04 GENE VINCENT-Bird Doggin'/05 THE GENTS-I Wonder Why/06 GREGORY & THE VELVET ILLUSIONS-Mini Shimmy/07 GIANT CRAB-Hot Line Conversation/08 THE GLADIATORS-Turning to Stone/09 GOLD-No Parking/10 GOLDEN CATALINAS-Varsity Club Song/11 THE GRABBLETONS-Make Love/12 GRAINS OF TIME-This Little Girl/13 GRASS-I'm Getting Tired/14 GRASS ROOTS-Depressed Feeling/15 GREAT GRANNIES-Sugar Man/16 GREGORY DEE & THE AVANTIES-Because of You/17 GREMLINS-We've Found a Love/18 GRIFS-Keep Dreaming/19 GRIM REAPER-Twelfth Night/20 GRODES-Cry a Little Longer/21 GRUMP-Heartbreak Hotel/22 GUESS WHO-Believe Me/23 GUYS WHO CAME UP FROM DOWNSTAIRS-Growth



  2. This is Randy "Jimmie James" Bowles from the Velvet Illusions. Just a note or two about the poorly-done comp album you're writing about: We were originally called the Velvet Illusions. Right before we disbanded we became Georgy and the Velvet Illusions. Not Gregory.... And, we get no royalties from the sale of this bootleg. We have our own, authorized retrospective CD and LP, both available on the good ole' interweb! :)