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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Black Rainbows

So Fabio sends one that I've heard before.......2015's "Hawkdope" from Black Rainbows......Fabio refers to them as "THE" Italian stoner band, could be, but I do know this album is some heavy fuzzed out stoner/psych.......must hear for fans of the genre!

HAWKDOPE-01 The Prophet/02 Wolf Eyes/03 Hawkdope/04 No Fuel No Fun/05 Hypnotize My Soul With Rock N Roll/06 Waiting For the Sun/07 Jesusjudge/08 Killer Killer Fuzz/09 The Cosmic Picker!rZQjhbIJ!2QfCCOtwqUDfqD_rI7V2ww

Also, a vinyl rip!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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