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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Fabio bets I already have this, he'd lose that bet as I don't know this one either.......Fabio's short review is:

CONAN - Battle in the Swamp - 2007 (EP)
01. Battle in the Swamp.mp3
02. Satsumo.mp3
03. Temple of Mu.mp3
04. Krull.mp3

for me it's sorta Meditation music! every now and then I Blast this one
throu my best cans... generous volume...

Thanks my brother, I'll be checking it out tonight!


  1. Conan the band are Destroyers!!!

  2. Yesss Destroyers! My faves is Monnos, this ep and live at Bannerman's. they tuned guitars so low that the strings are like spaghetti Barilla!

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