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Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Doors Part 12 (Of Many)

Tried to get the rest of the X post ready for this evening, but not quite there yet, same for the next part of
Talking Heads..... maybe a hot dog or two too many on the grill right now, but it's all good, I'll catch up! Hope to have the next part of X done tomorrow (I decided it will be three parts, I may as well go ahead and post the studio albums I have from them), and perhaps some Heads as some other stuff lined up for the weekend as well, but when I hit a delay/snag, well there's ALWAYS more Doors!

Presenting the two-disc Live In Detroit 1970, I think fairly hard to locate, not sure, but here it is in all its glory (hey, I coulda put up the NYC live set, SEVEN discs, it'll be here one of these days!)....couple of unusual selections in the set list I guess, "People Get Ready" and "Away in India" on the first disc, "Carol", "Mean Mustard Blues", and (wait for it) "Heartbreak Hotel" on the, anyway, if you seek to own EVERY note the Doors ever created, here's the next link in the chain. Have at ya!

DISC 1-01 Tuning/02 Roadhouse Vamp/03 Hello to the Cities/04 Dead Cats Dead Rats/05 Break On Through/06 Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)/07 Back Door Man/08 Five to One/09 Roadhouse Blues/10 You make Me Real/11 Ship of Fools/12 When the Music's Over/13 People Get Ready/14 Mystery Train/15 Away In India/16 Crossroads

DISC 2-01 Tuning #2/02 Carol/03 Light My Fire/04 Been Down So Long/05 Love Hides/06 Mean Mustard Blues/07 Carol (Reprise)/08 Close to You/09 I'm a King Bee/10 Rock Me Baby-Heartbreak Hotel/11 The End

As I said, I should have "The X Collaboration, part 2" done tomorrow, and hopefully "Talking Heads part 4" both done by tomorrow....if not, well, life can be cruel.....


  1. D1


  2. Love this show. Being from Detroit helps. Cobo was the shit in its days. I've heard it was The Doors longest show too. No need to d/l as I have it. Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Nice. This reminds me: I have some Sleater-Kinney stuff from their most recent tour. If I upload it, could you re-up their BBC Sessions?