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Thursday, June 2, 2016


This is a fine contribution from Studboy, whom I have been referring to as "Henrick Morch", because that's what his e-mails say his name is..... I suspect an insurmountable language/computer thing, proving again that computers aren't as smart as they think they are.... also Studboy is from Denmark, not Russia or whatever guessed, proving that I, also, am not as smart as I think.

Anyway, three great albums from Sungrazer. From Holland, formed in 2009, Sungrazer were guitarist/vocalist Rutger Smeets, bassist/vocalist Sander Haagmans, and drummer Hans Mulders. They released two find albums, as well as a split with The Machine, before disbanding.

Their first (self titled) album was released in 2010.....I always liked it a good deal, it's songs range from hard/heavy Fu Manchu/Kyuss stoner stabbings to long, trippy jams.... one of the best albums of 2010 for my money (it made my list I remember), highly recommended for fans of stoner rock or psychedelia.

The next year they released "Mirador", wonderfully trippy as well, again combining riff rockers like "Octo" with trippier stuff like the very good (and 13-plus minute) "Behind". Info is pretty scarce on these guys, so I really don't know what caused the dissolution, but I do know this, these are two goddamn EXCELLENT albums of stoner rock, a bit more psychedelic than the usual fare, but simply tremendous musicianship by all three members.

The band also released a split album with The Machine. As far as the three Sungrazer tracks go, again, they are all quite good, in particular "Flow Through a Good Story".

Good band.... really like all of these a lot and always have. Highly, highly recommended!  And thanks to Studboy, I'll get your name right in the future, keep em coming !

SUNGRAZER-01 If/ 02 Intermezzo/ 03 Somo/ 04 Common Believer/ 05 Zero Zero/ 06 Mountain Dusk

MIRADOR-01 Wild Goose/ 02 Octo/ 03 Sea/ 04 Goldstrike/ 05 Behind/ 06 Mirador/ 07 34 and More

SPLIT WITH THE MACHINE-01 Awe/ 02 Not Only/ 03 Slipface/ 04 Dopo/ 05 Yo La Tengo/ 06 Flow Through a Good Story (Tracks 1-3 The Machine, Tracks 4-6 Sungrazer)


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  2. Man, I've been follow the Sungrazer album (Elektrohasch version) for a long time. Finally I found it here! You're a true miracle.