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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mr Plow

During my taxing work day, I let my I Pod run free, it's a classic edition (160 gb I think) that holds about 1500 albums, which I loaded about ten years ago..... I've never changed it, I listen to newer stuff on a newer I Pod, and, well, who gives a fuck? Anyway, when I've got my OLD one cranking, sometimes something will come on and I'll be like "Why the fuck did I waste space on THAT?"....or, sometimes, such as last week with the Holograms, my reaction is more "DAMN I had forgotten all about that album....that fucking thing is great!"

So it was today with Mr. Plow's "Head On", from 1999.....that thing came on and damn near knocked me over with a blast of sledgehammer stoner rock. Mr. Plow came out of Houston Texas in the late 90's/early 00's, and this album was a killer.......from the slap in the face opener "Right On" through the end of the lengthy workout "Molly", it never lets up......also "Mexican Smoke" and "Travis Bickle" show a knack for intelligent songwriting.

Mr Plow consisted of, and you know I wouldn't make this up, vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Plow, vocalist/guitarist Justin Plow, bassist Greg Plow, and drummer Dave Plow.....they sure as hell could bring the noise, and seem forgotten. At least, they were by me.

So once I got home I dug out the other two albums of theirs that I have......these are pretty good too. The sophomore effort, "Cock Fights and Pony Racin'", contains more heavy stoner gems, "Festivus", "From the Mouth of Gandalf", "Louder Than Larry".....I recommend this as well.

Finally, the third effort, "Asteroid 25399"  (2006) is not quite up to the standard set earlier, but this is no slouch either....."Malachi" and "Telepathic Butterflies" stand out, again, not QUITE as good as the first two, but if you liked them, this one is worth a spin as well.

Don't know what happened to them after that.....if they have any more releases, I can't locate them, can't find any breakup information or anything. But I'll tell you this, "Head On" is a no joke piece of stoner rock as good as any from the "golden age" (!) of stoner rock. Not joking, run, don't walk for this one.

HEAD ON-01 Right On/02 Mexican Smoke/03 The Gauntlet/04 Travis Bickle/05 Beat Down/06 Truck
Stop Lovin'/07 Molly

COCK FIGHTS AND PONY RACIN'-01 Festivus/02 Ode to Carlo/03 Louder Than Larry/04 The Dude/05 Electric Sheep/06 Master Blaster/07 Autozone/08 The Only Reason/09 From the Mouth of Gandalf/10 Hidden Track

ASTEROID 25399-01 Malachi/02 Deadeye Dick/03 Staying Even/04 Ballad of Billy/05 Proteus/06 Ice 9/07 Rosewater/08 Telepathic Butterflies

Good one for ya here, recommended!


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  2. Asteroid