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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Souldiggers Band, Redux

Got several things I'd like to get to this evening, let's see how many I get to.....well, excellent submissions continue to pour in, and I WILL get to them, as soon as possible, and thanks a million for each and every one of them. last week (or so) I posted the first album from The Souldiggers Band, 2012's Search For Greater Things. If you recall, Souldiggers Band are a pair of gents from St. Petersburg Russia, and the first LP spit out some fairly good grungy stoner blues, more than adequate for that type of thing.

Well, the follow up ("Second Coming") kindly submitted by a reader by the name of Henrick Morch (thanks Henrick!), released after a threee year break, is better if anything. More skull-bashing riffing and growling vocals, perfectly wonderful for all of you hard rock n roll lovers out there. Play loud, and thanks again to Henrick Morch for sending this one.

SECOND COMING-01 Intro/02 Son of a Bitch/03 Blissout/04 Curious Girl/05 Everybody Lies/06 Slow N Lazy/07 Last Hope Rising/08 No Way Back/09 Spring Song/10 TKRV Sundown/11 Useless Days/12 If I Had the Time/13 Jacaranda (Long Awaited Rain)

Keep the submissions coming, folks, I think this one comes to us from Russia or that general neighborhood.....that, again, is how this SHOULD work and thrills me that so many of us are helping each other to obtain, individually, "the" perfect record collection!

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