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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Part 1 of a Jon S/BigScott X Collaboration

(Scott) when Jon S sent me these fab X boots today, I was simply going to add mine to them and make a
mega post, but upon checking I just have too many to make it YOU are the winners, you will get his great series of X boots, (great for me as well because I have none of them), then tomorrow or so I'll do up a post with a bunch of MY X stuff, as X was/is always one of my faves and were a fantastic live band (never saw em, but the boots totally SMOKE).......

BTW, thanks to everyone for all the submissions of late, I WILL get to you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE guest material!

Henrick Borch of Russia or wherever (who submitted the Souldiggers Band album) has emailed me and vowed to send a bunch of psych/stoner stuff, and what could be better? Welcome Henrick! Meantime, here's Jon S with Part One of the "Great X Collaborative Effort".......this one will be a good one trust me!

X is one of the best American rock and roll bands ever. These shows have the original members playing their first four albums over four nights last year in LA. Recordings are great performances are great. 

X plays Los Angeles - The Observatory, LA 7/9/15

01 Intro/02 Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not/03 Johnny Hit and Run Paulene/04 Soul Kitchen/05 Nausea/06 Sugarlight/07 Los Angeles/08 Sex and Dying in High Society/09 The Unheard Music/10 The World's a Mess; It's in My Kiss/11 In This House That I Call Home/12 Beyond and Back/13 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/14 Come Back To Me/15 Guitar Issues/16 The Hungry Wolf/17 More Guitar Issues/18 True Love/19 We're Having Much More Fun/20 The New World/21 Year 1/22 White Girl/23 Devil Doll

X plays Wild Gift - The Observatory, LA 7/10/15 

01 Intro/02 Once Over Twice/03 We're Desperate/04 Adult Books/05 Universal Corner/06 I'm Coming Over/07 It's Who You Know/08 In This House That I Call Home/09 Some Other Time/10 White Girl/11 Beyond And Back/12 Back 2 The Base/13 When Our Love Passed Out On The Couch/14 Year 1/15 The New World/16 Poor Girl/17 True Love/18 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/19 Drunk In My Past/20 Come Back To Me/21 The Unheard Music/22 Los Angeles/23 The Hungry Wolf/24 The World's A Mess; It's In My Kiss/25 How I (Learned My Lesson)/26 Devil Doll

X plays Under The Big Black Sun - The Observatory, LA 7/11/15 

01 Intro/02 The Hungry Wolf/03 Motel Room In My Bed/04 Riding With Mary/05 Come Back To Me/06 Under The Big Black Sun/07 Because I Do/08 Blue Spark/09 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/10 Real Child Of Hell/11 How I (Learned My Lesson)/12 The Have Nots/13 In This House That I Call Home/14 Beyond And Back/15 White Girl/16 True Love/17 We're Having Much More Fun/18 Drunk In My Past/19 The Unheard Music/20 Los Angeles/21 The New World/22 Year 1/23 I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts/24 The World's A Mess; It's In My Kiss/25 Devil Doll/

X Plays More Fun In The New World - - The Observatory, LA 7/12/15 

01 Intro/02 The New World/03 We're Having Much More Fun/04 True Love/05 Poor Girl/06 Make the Music Go Bang/07 Breathless/08 I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts/09 Devil Doll/10 Painting the Town Blue/11 Hot House/12 Drunk In My Past/13 I See Red/14 True Love Pt. #2/15 Year 1/16 In This House That I Call Home/17 The Once Over Twice/18 The Hungry Wolf/19 Blue Spark/20 Come Back To Me/21 The Unheard Music/22 Beyond And Back/23 White Girl/24 The World's A Mess; It's In My Kiss/25 Encore - Billy Zoom Chant/26 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/27 How I (Learned My Lesson)/28 Los Angeles


  1. Big Scott you and the other contributors are constantly outdoing yourselves. Thank you

  2. Just finished reading the Under the Big Black Sun book...solid read!

  3. these look great. Thank you