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Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Associates

From the link machine John N comes another  good one, three excellent albums from 1980's arty Scotish
new-wavers The Associates. Best recalled for the unique voice of the late Billy Mackenzie, these are three fine albums for any fan of early 80's new wave synth-pop.

The first release was 1980's "The Affectionate Punch", which was pretty much a failure at the time of release, but, as sometimes happens, has grown to be a bit more appreciated with time. It has some fine period piece pop, such as "Would I Bounce back", the title track, and "A Matter of Gender", but what makes this (and the other sets) so great is the incredible volume of bonus material on each......everything one could hope for or imagine.

"Fourth Drawer Down" was their second release. It was released originally as a singles collection, and it does contain some excellent singles ("White Car In Germany", "A Girl Named Property"), but again, it's the overload of bonus tracks that is the real attraction here (not that the album isn't worthwhile if you don't have it already)

Their third overall/second "proper" release "Sulk" is considered by most to be their top effort. "Party Fears Two" and "Club Country" were sizable hits, and once again, there is so much bonus material here I had to split the file (NOT FLAC)......

For fans of this troupe, this is the absolute ultimate collection, their three essential albums all in super-deluxe editions. Can't ask for more than that, and thanks to John N for the submission!

THE AFFECTIONATE PUNCH-01 The Affectionate Punch/02 Amused As Always/03 Logan Time/04 Paper House/05 Transport to Central/06 A Matter of Gender/07 Even Dogs In the Wild/08 Would I...Bounce Back/09 Deeply Concerned/10 A/11 Boys Keep Swinging/12 Mona Property Girl/13 Schmoltz/14 Green For Grief/15 Geese/16 Saline Drips/17 Galaxy of Memories/18 Double Hipness/19 Big Waltz (aka Paper House)/20 Janis (aka Deeply Concerned)/21 You Were Young/22 Bounce Back (remix) /23 A (remix)/24 Amused As Always (remix)/25 The Affectionate Punch (remix)/26 The End

FOURTH DRAWER DOWN (DISC 1)-01 White Car In Germany/02 A Girl Called Property/03 Kitchen Person/04 Q Quarters/05 Tell Me Easter's On Friday/06 The Associates/07 Message Oblique Sunday/08 An Even Whiter Car

FOURTH DRAWER DOWN (DISC 2)-01 Straw Towels (b side)/02 Kissed (b side)/03 Fearless (It Takes a Full Moon)/04 Point Si/05 Blue Soap (b side)/06 The Tree That Never Sang/07 Straw Towels (demo)/08 Q Quarters (demo)

SULK-01 Arrogance Gave Him Up/02 No/03 Bap De la bap/04 Gloomy Sunday/05 Nude Spoons/06
Skipping/07 It's Better This Way/08 Party Fears Two/09 Club Country/10 Nothinginsomethingparticular/11 18 Carat Affair/12 Love Hangover/13 Club Country (12 Version)/14 Party Fears Two/15 It's Better This Way (Alternate Version)/16 And Then I Read a Book/17 Ulcragyceptomol/18 Skipping (Alternate Version)/19 Australia (John Leckie Recording)/20 Me, Myself, and the Tragic Story/21 I Never Will (demo)/22 Club Country (demo)/23 Grecian 2000





    SULK P1

    SULK P2

  2. Thanks for sharing these. I must say the Fourth Drawer Down material represents my favourite Associates era. I bought all these singles as they came out and still have them somewhere. I loved The Affectionate Punch, which apparently has a bizarre dance mix version out there which I'm not in a hurry to hear!

  3. Now I look at the track listing again, the dance versions might be on there as extra tracks. Will download and find out!