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Thursday, May 12, 2016

2 Great Albums from the Sewergrooves

From Stockholm Sweden, and in the great garage rocking tradition of the Hellacopters are the Sewergrooves, who have released I think five albums, of which I have but two.....HOWEVER, these you want to hear, in particular if you liked the Hellacopters, this hits like an ambush. The band was composed of singer/guitarist Kurt Drackes, bassist Andres Broman, and former Hellacopters drummer Robert Erikkson, and guitarist Packe Wahlqvist.

What I have here is their smoking 1999 debut, "Songs From the Sewer"......eleven machine gun blasts to your skull, no need to point out highlights on either of these, they are both great. I also have 2006 "Rock N Roll Reciever", and it's every damn bit as good.

Both albums are on 1 disc/1 file here, but what I'm looking for are the ones I don't have, they have to be the fucking bomb as well.......highly, highly recommended, don't miss

SONGS FROM THE SEWER-01 Yeah!/02 Yesterday's Zest/03 Faraway From Me/04 Do It Again/05 Electric (Shake Me Around)/06 Frame It/07 I Don't Know/08 Always/09 Never Too Much/10 Should I Care/11 I Want You

ROCK N ROLL RECEIVER-12 She's a Punk/13 This Time I Know/14 Rock N Roll Receiver/15 Remember Everything/16 That Woman She's a Dead Woman/17 Going to be Nothing/18 Wrote This Song For You/19 Keep it Coming/20 I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll So Help me Save Me Lord/21 Look Out, Now!

Don't miss these, and help out if you have any of the outliers!



  2. Sounds good...thank you

  3. That´s the only one I have:

    hope you like it!
    than you for the music & keep on keepin´ on