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Friday, May 6, 2016

Rory Gallagher Part 3

"Defender" closed up part 2 of this series, Gallagher would release one more studio album "Fresh Evidence" before his death due to liver problems. Of all his studio work, I probably enjoy this one the least, there is a lot going on here, and it really doesn't come together, at least for me.....but taken as a whole, his studio output was very, very good, and now we will take a look at some of his live efforts and some comps, etc....

After his passing, the first release would be the 2 disc "BBC Sessions", composed of live recordings culled together from various points in his career....great to hear some of the studio stuff given longer, more relaxed versions, such as "Calling Card" and "Daughter of the Everglades". This set is a winner.

"Live in Europe" is a release from early in his career, and it rocks from the word go.....lots of arrangements of traditional blues numbers, and of course, the great "Laundromat". This was quite a release in 1972 or whenever, still sounds quite good today.

One more for today, there will be another part to this series still to come....originally released as a double LP set was "Irish Tour '74", and was years later released as a six disc box set. All I have is the regular old CD issue, I'm afraid, that will have to suit ya.....storming versions of "Cradle Rock" and (especially) "Walk on Hot Coals".......

He was a dynamic live performer, as I said before, and these sets bear that out. Check in a few days for the rest of his stuff that I have.

FRESH EVIDENCE-01 Kid Gloves/02 The King of Zydeco/03 Middle Name/04 Alexis/05 Empire State Express/06 Ghost Blues/07 Heaven's Gate/08 The Loop/09 Walkin' Wounded/10 Slumming Angel/11 Never Asked You For Nothin'/12 Bowed Not Broken

BBC D1-01 Calling Card/02 What In the World/03 Jacknife Beat/04 Country Mile/05 Got My Mojo
Working/06 Garbage Man/07 Roberta/08 Used to Be/09 I Take What I Want/10 Cruise on Out

BBC D2 01 Race the Breeze/02 hands Off/03 Crest of a Wave/04 Feel So bad/05 For the last Time/06 It Takes Time/07 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son/08 Daughter of the Everglades/09 They Don't Make Them Like You/10 Tore Down/11 When My Baby She Left Me/12 Hoodoo Man

LIVE IN EUROPE-01 Messin' With the Kid/02 Laudromat/03 I Could've Had Religion/04 Pistol Slapper Blues/05 Going to My Hometown/06 In Your Town/07 Bullfrog Blues/08 What In the World/09 Hoodoo Man

IRISH TOUR-01 Cradle Rock/02 I Wonder Who/03 Tattoo'd Lady/04 Too Much Alcohol/05 As the Crow Flies/06 A Million Miles Away/07 Walk On Hot Coals/08 Who's That Coming/09 Back on My Old Stompin' Ground/10 Maritime

Play loud.

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