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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Doors Part 9 (of MANY)

I guess it's been a LITTLE while since I slammed the Doors sledgehammer, so let's see what is up for part
9.... how about three double disc sets, which I don''t think I've seen around the web too much..... first up is a real curiosity, "Backstage and Dangerous, The Private Rehearsals" from 1969.....if you are down with this kind of thing, it's a treasury, if you find these things kind of boring, well...... lots of studio chatter, lots of half-assed efforts and corrections..... all in all, a fairly interesting curiosity. Really for Doors fanatics only, but I know there are one or two of you out there!

Next up come a pair of shows from The Aquarius Theater, 1969......  don't really recall seeing these around all that much either, so, again, calling all Doors fanatics...... the first two discs ("The First Performance") is certainly not unlistenable, they pull off an impromptu "Crossroads" and the crowd is seriously into it.

The "Second Performance" is ANOTHER two discs, features a somewhat similar setlist, again, really, for fanatics only....

Have we had enough Doors? I TOLD you you'd be tired of them once I wrap this one up.....anyway, I'm gonna do it, coz this is the kind of thing I do........ this is for Doors obsessives, should you not be one, PLEASE hit up Brian's Bowie covers project, it's one of the best posts ever on this blog, seriously.

BACKSTAGE AND DANGEROUS DISC 1-01 We're Rolling/02 I Will Never be Untrue/03 Peace Frog/04 Blue Sunday/05 Maggie McGill/06 Arranging (You need Meet) Go No Further/07 (You Need Meet) Go No Further/08 Arranging (Close To You)/09 Close to You/10 Arranging (Gloria)/11 Gloria/12 Mystery Train (Rehearsal)/13 Mystery Train-Crossroads

BACKSTAGE AND DANGEROUS DISC 2-01 Continued/02 Thousands of Dollars Rest Upon This Day/03 I'm Your Doctor/04 Hyper Yachting/05 Build Me a Woman/06 Yachting/07 Cars Hiss By My Window/08 Money Beats Soul/09 Mental Floss/10 Jazzy Maggie McGill /11 Jazzy Maggie McGill

AQUARIUS (FIRST SHOW) DISC 1-01 Tuning #1/02 Jim's Introduction/03 Back Door Man/04 Break On Through/05 What Do We Do Next/06 Soul Kitchen/07 You Make Me Real/08 Tuning #2/09 I Will Never be Untrue/10 The Crowd Humbly Requests/11 When the Music's Over/12 Universal Mind/13 The Crowd Humbly Requests Their Favorites and Tuning/14 Mystery Train-Crossroads/15 Build Me a Woman

AQUARIUS (FIRST SHOW) DISC 2-01 Tuning #3/02 Who Do You Love (False Start)/03 Who Do You Love/04 Light My Fire/05 The Crowd Requests More/06 The Celebration of the Lizard

AQUARIUS (SECOND SHOW) Disc 1-01 Concert Introduction/02 Jim's Introduction/03 Back Door
Man/04 Break On Through/05 When the Music's Over/06 Tuning #1/07 You Make Me Real/08 Tuning #2/09 Universal Mind/10 The Crowd Humbly Requests/11 Mystery Train-Crossroads/12 The Crowd Again Requests/13 Little Red Rooster/14 Tuning #3/15 Gloria/16 Tuning #4/17 Touch Me/18 The Crystal Ship

AQUARIUS (SECOND SHOW) DISC 2-01 Tuning #5/02 Light My Fire/03 The Crowd Requests Their Favorites/04 The Celebration of the Lizard/05 A Request of the Management/06 Soul Kitchen/07 Jim Introduces Ray/08 Close To You/09 A Conversation With the Crowd/10 Peace Frog (Instrumental)/11 Blue Sunday/12 Five to One/13 The Crowd Again Requests Their Favorites/14 Jim Introduces the Movie/15 Rock Me Baby






    AQUARIUS 2nd Show D1

    AQuaRIUS 2nd SHOW D2

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