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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Kenny and the Kasuals

Here are a couple of mid 60's gems from Kenny & the Kasuals, best known, of course, for their stunning "Journey to Tyme".... the two albums presented here, "Teen Dreams" and "Nothing Better to Do", while little information exists on them (other than the obvious: they were part of the burgeoning Texas garage/psych scene in the mid 60's), do present a few good ones...... definitely worth a listen, if just for "Journey to Tyme", but you'll find other goodies here if you search for em. A couple tracks appear on both discs, sorry, nothing I can do about that one, but these are solid lesser know 60's garage rock, highly recommended.

(Note: both albums are combined on one disc/file)

TEEN DREAM-01 See Saw Ride/02 Strings of Time/03 Things Get Better/04 As I Know/05 Everything Seems Fine/06 Some Time Now/07 Revelations/08 Raindrops to Teardrops/09 I'm Gonna Make It/10 And There You Were/11 Come on Kid/12 Can't Keep From Crying/13 Who Stole My House/14 Journey to Tyme/NOTHING BETTER TO DO-15 Nothing Better to Do/16 Floating/17 Don't Let Your Baby Go/18 The Best Thing Around/19 It's Alright/20 You make Me Feel So Good/21 Strings of Time/22 Raindrops to teardrops/23 Journey to Tyme/24 I'm Gonna Make It/25 See Saw Ride/26 As I Know/27 Chimes on 42nd Street/28 When Was Then



  2. Many thanks for this (and all other wonderful offerings).
    Must take time tomorrow to listen ... so much music, so little time....