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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

More Japanese rock from Jonder

(Scott)-this one I know, and it is worth your while..... Used to have this one, actually maybe I still do, but PLEASE don't let the Japanese language scare you away from this one.....really, really, great stuff, AND, I strongly suggest you read the book in the bonus section on the Jap Rock scene, it's really tremendous as well!

Bleach (known in the US as Bleach 03 or Bleachmobile) is a different kind of trio: they are "Three Girls from Okinawa" as the title of their compilation album describes them.  Bleach sound nothing like High Rise or those three girls from Osaka, Shonen Knife.   Bleach combine spazzy punk, thrash metal breakdowns and funky riffs.  All three members sing, and bassist Miya unleashes some guttural screams worthy of Cannibal Corpse.  You can see the band's virtuosity in these live performances:  and

The first Bleach album came out in 2000, and they announced their breakup in 2009 upon the release of their fifth album, Bleachstone.  Their self-titled album came out in Japan in 2003, and was reissued in the US in 2005.  It ends with a hidden track that doesn't begin until 3:00.  

There is a bonus in the comments section for those who are interested in reading a well-researched history of Japan's rock scene in the 1960's and 1970's, written by a famous Drude from Liverpool. 

01 Kuropen Bigaku Tenshi-Chan to Kangaemashita (My Sweet Angel and I)/02 Sun-Dance--Moon-Dance/03 
Canary Teikoku No Gyakushuu (Canary Empire Strikes Back)/04 Chousen (Challenge)/05 Raiko-Kareki Ni Hana Wa Sakanai (Lightning-Flowers Don't Bloom)/06 Nils/07 He (Hips)/08 Howling/09 Arigato Gozaimasu (Thank You Very Much)/10 Taiyou (Sun)/11 Untitled Track


  1. Bleach 03:

    Julian Cope's Japrocksampler:

  2. Never heard of this band but v interested in hearing them. Thanks a lot for the J/rockSampler!

  3. You're very welcome -- hope you enjoy Bleach!

  4. holyfuckingshit!!!!

  5. Nice to see non-Okinawans appreciating Bleach! Got to seem them once and they were killer. My mom is from Okinawa and I lived there a bit. It's the Hawaii of Japan, chill, relaxed, peaceful island stemming from a culture and history separate from the country that colonized them. More Americanized than the rest of Japan and so in the 70s there were some very typical classic rock sounding bands but not the studio structure to support it, just some small clubs. A lot of Okinawan music I couldn't recommend unless you are into world folk but Bleach is pure raw energy. For the pop-punk people, there is Mongol 800, but for me there is Bleach.