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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rory Gallagher Part 2

In 1976, Gallagher released "Calling Card", attempting to gain a diversity of sound.....personally I think it's
pretty fair, the songs regain Rory's hard rock edge, which is what matters.....after this one, though, Gallagher would return to the tried-and-true power trio format. '"Do You Read Me" and the title track stand out on this one.

On "Photo Finish", as stated above, the return is To power trio type sounds, such as the slammin' "Shin Kicker" and "Last of the Independents"....this album took 2 years to record, due to some unfortunate circumstances, look the up, a fairly interesting story, just not interesting enough for me to rehash here.

1979's "Top Priority  is a great hard rocking effort, as well, again in the power trio format and again foregoing the ballad attempts and the always there are at least a couple of raise the roof rockers, such as "Philby" and "Off the Handle".

He changed labels, again, for "Jinx", it's not a real standout, if you're a fan, of course, you'll wish to hear this, certainly "Jinxed" and "Bourbon" fulfill the tradition....

Well, next comes "Defender" now, the studio efforts REALLY
DO start to blur together somewhat, if you like his stuff, it really doesn't make a sharp right to suckville, but there is a sameness among the discs...."Defender" re-introduces some keyboards back to the sound, and most of side one is worth a listen.

Gallagher knew his formula and ran with I said when we get to his live efforts, his high energy performances will really shine through, but here is another batch of studio releases for your perusal.

CALLING CARD-01 Do You Read Me/02 Country Mile/03 Moonchild/04 Calling Card/05 I'll Admit You're Gone/06 Secret Agent/07 Jack Knife Beat/08 Edged In Blue/09 Barley and Grape Rag/10 Rue the Day/11 Public Enemy (B-Girl Version)

PHOTO FINISH-01 Shin-Kicker/02 Brute Force & Ignorance/03 Cruise On Out/04 Cloak & Dagger/05 Overnight Bag/06 Shadow Play/07 The Mississippi Sheiks/08 Last of the Independents/09 Fuel to the Fire/10 Early Warning/11 Juke Box Annie

TOP PRIORITY-01 Follow Me/02 Philby/03 Wayward Child/04 Key Chain/05 At the Depot/06 Bad Penny/07 Just Hit Town/08 Off the Handle/09 Public Enemy No. 1/10 Hell Cat/11 The Watcher/12 Nothing But the Devil

JINX-1 Big Guns/02 Bourbon/03 Double Vision/04 The Devil Made Me Do It/05 Signals/06 Jinxed/07
Easy Come Easy Go/08 Nothin But the Devil/09 Ride on Red, Ride On/10 Lonely Mile/11 Loose Talk

DEFENDER-01 Kickback City/02 Loanshark Blues/03 Continental Op/04 I Ain't No Saint/05 Failsafe Day/06 Road to Hell/07 Doing Time/08 Smear Campaign/09 Don't Start Me Talkin/10 Seven Days/11 Seems To me/12 No Peace For the Wicked







  2. He was my mate's favourite guitarist, he also introduced me to SRV. I have the old ones on well stretched cassette tapes or knackered vinyl, so thank you so much for these.
    We saw him a few times, once we got to a gig early one summer evening and he was sat outside the bar having a beer and a chat with any and everybody, great bloke.
    Apparently he was approached to replace Ritchie Blackmore when he first left Purple.
    They would have been great gigs.