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Thursday, May 19, 2016

3 for Thursday, Great Guest Submission #2

(Scott)-Well, Brian (king of ALL cover projects) started a world-wide trend with his fab Bowie covers
project, which is still going strong with LOTS of traffic, one of the all time great posts, no joke. Anyway, last week Jon S. submitted the band Shearwater covering the entire "Lodger" album live onstage (it is REALLY good too, I was unfamiliar with this band but check it out, it supplements Brians massive project quite well), hot on the heels of that comes a Jonder submission, the Chicago band Disappears (never heard of them either, but you know THAT is the stuff I love, PLUS Jonder refers to them as one of his faves, and his taste is nearly as impeccable as my own) performing the entire "Low" album, also in concert.....I hope there are more of these out there, in particular, "Heroes" would at least complete the trilogy.....I mean it'd be damn near
impossible to do "Ziggy" or "Aladdin Sane" as a cover project (for ANYONE), but I think "Heroes" would be workable (for some reason Talking Heads comes to mind, if they still existed. BTW, HUGE Talking Heads multi-part feature coming soon, be ready for this one, one of my favorite bands of all time!

Link in Comments section, thanks again to Jonder for this and all of his other wonderful submissions, they help make the blog what it "is".



  2. Talking Heads shows from 1979, right before they expanded to a full band are some of my fave live recordings of any band.

  3. From Wikipedia: In 2009, Techno Cowboy covered the entire album from start to finish using just the Omnichord called "The Ziggy Stardust Omnichord Album".