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Thursday, May 19, 2016

And one from me...The Grodeck Whipperjenny

Here's an obscurity for you (again, I REALLY TRULY hope no one finds all of the posting I've been doing lately to be excessive, it won't go on forever)....from Cincinnati, 1971 we have soul/psych rockers the Grodeck Whipperjenny. This is their sole release, and is nothing if not interesting......vocalist/guitarist Ken Poole, vocalist Mary Ellen Bell, bassist Michael Moore, drummer Jimmy Madison, and keyboardist/trombonist (!) Dave Matthews were all jazz musicians by trade, and if you didn't know that you'd have easilly guessed by the jazzy rocking grooves here.

Check out, however, that stinging fuzz guitar on "Sitting Here on a Tongue"......the hard and heavy stomper "Put Your Thing On Me"......the rockin' "Why can't I go Back".....and the way trippy "Evidence for the Existence of the Unconscious".

Wonderfully dated, and quite unique, this is one unknown album of the early 70's you'' NOT wish to miss, it's quite a find!

01 Sitting Here on a Tongue/02 Wonder If/03 Why Can't I Go back/04 Conclusions/05 You're Too young/06 Put Your Thing On Me/07 Inside Or Outside/08 Evidence For the Existence of the Unconscious



  2. Always err on the side of posting too much!

  3. Many thanks for this. Also for the Sly Stone

  4. There is a second album supposedly by them
    'The second secret album' does not seem to be around anywhere but odd tracks on dailymotion seem to be instrumenmtal tracks