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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Yet another fab contribution from Jon S, The Metz......totally fab, guys...

(scott) I am not familiar with Metz, let me say that up front...however, when on of my blog friends sends me in a certain direction, I don't shy away.... Metz are a rockin' trio on Sub-Pop, from what I can discover thus far..... I carpet bomb listened a bit and sounds pretty rockin good, I'll be hitting this up a bit more tomorrow.....for now, check these out, they be rockin'
 METZ  Are Canadian But It's Not Their Fault

This may get messy.

                                                           METZ - METZ

01 Headache/02 Get Off/03 Sad Pricks/04 Rats/05 Knife In The Water/06 Nausea/07 Wet Blanket/08 Wasted/09 The Mule/10 Negative Space/11 --))--


01 Acetate/02 The Swimmer/03 Spit You Out/04 Zzyzx/05 I.O.U./06 Landfill/07 Nervous System/08 Wait in Line/09 Eyes Peeled/10 Kicking a Can of Worms

Knitting Factory, Brooklyn 11/20/12

01 Knife in the Water/02 Negative Space/03 [banter]/04 Get Off/05 [new song]/06 Wasted/07 Sad Pricks/08 Headache/09 Rats/10 The Mule/11 [banter - thanks]/12 Wet Blanket

Bowery Ballroom, NYC 4/17/13

01 [new song1]/02 Knife In the Water/03 Negative Space/04 [banter - head injury]/05 Get Off/06 Wasted/07 [banter2]/08 Sad Pricks/09 [banter3]/10 Can't Understand/11 Headache/12 Rats/13 The Mule/14 [banter4]/15 Wet Blanket

METZ - Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn 1/14/16 (Live video)


  1. For what it's worth, my 20yo son is a big fan of this band, as well as Ovlov. He also loves Pissed Jeans and Diarrhea Planet. Imagine how bad his laundry smells!