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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Talking Heads Part 2 (an outside submission, somewhat).....

OK, I just couldn't let this go.....I found on Pirate Bay a "labor of love" creation by a Talking Heads fan
named "imunionjack"'s enormous, just his fave stuff from the band, in no particular order (well, alphabetical order)..... well, I didn't want to repeat a bunch of tracks off of the studio albums I just put up yesterday, nor, the live stuff off of "Stop Making Sense" or "Name of This Band" (he didn't label everything as well as he might have, but it's ok) what do we have after my massive pruning job? Well, for one, we get a bunch of tracks from "Popular Favorites: Sand in the Vasoline", which will save me (I think) from having to post that double set.......but also, a ton of live tracks (dates, places unknown,I trimmed the ones from the aforementioned live sets, and likely some of them will turn up again on my boots), demos (again, the same ones MAY turn up later in my stuff), alternate versions (there's a REALLY good alternate version of "Life
During Wartime" that I had never heard).... anyway, I'm going to try to boil these down to "disc" size, likely it'll take 3 or 4, but grab what you wish, I'll describe them in the tracklist as best I can, based on the information I have. Some of this, again, may windup being repeated, but I really didn't want to leave out a gem that any real fans of this band (like ME for example) would miss should I have skipped the whole, I thought about changing the order of the tracks (all demos on one disc, live on another, etc), but, who am I? I already trimmed about (half? a fourth?) of his I will leave them in their glorious alphabetical order.... thanks to iamunionjack, wherever you are (this was created a few years back)....hope ya like it, some more of my stuff later tonight or tomorrow!

TALKING HEADS RANDOM RARITIES DISC 1-01 Crosseyed and Painless (Live)/02 Gangster of
Love/03 I Wish You Wouldn't Say That/04 Popsicle/05 Stay Hungry (Live)/06 A Clean Break (Let's Work) (Live)/07 Artists Only (Live)/08 Blind/09 Born Under Punches (Live)/10 Love Goes To a Building On Fire (Live)/11 Burning Down the House (Live)/12 Can You Hear the Heartbeat/13 Cities (Alternate Version)/14 City of Dreams/15 Crosseyed and Painless (Live)

TALKING HEADS RANDOM RARITIES DISC 2-01 Dancing For Money (demo)/02 Dancing For Money (Unfinished Outtake)/03 Double Groove (demo)/04 Found a Job (Live)/05 Genius of Love (Tom Tom Club)/06 Heaven (Live)/07 Heaven (Outtake)/08 Houses In Motion (Live)/09 I Feel Pain In My heart (Outtake)/10 I Walk the Line (demo)/11 I'm Not In Love (Outtake)/12 Life During Wartime (Alternate Version)/13 Life During Wartime (Live)/14 Lifetime Piling Up/15 Mind

01 Mr. Jones/02 Once In a Lifetime Live/03 Psycho Killer (Demo)/04 Road To Nowhere/05 Thank You For Sending Me an Angel (demo)/06 The Big Country (Outtake)/07 The Girls Want to Be With the Girls (Live)/08 The Great Curve (Live)/09 These Boots are made For Walking (demo)/10 Two Note Swivel (Unfinished Outtake)/11 Uh Oh Love Comes to Town (demo)/12 Unison (demo)/13 Warning Sign (Live)/14 Warning Sign (Outtake)


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  2. Thanks, Scott! I used to be skeptical of internet compilations but in the last few years, I've gotten some that DESTROY official compilations with their canny choices and above all, their listenability (which is always the ultimate measure).