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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jon S presents This Is Iggy Pop

(Scott)-A little while back I posted a few of Iggy's earlier solo albums, and stated my lack of knowledge
post-"New Values".....a LOT of  people shared their opinions on this topic, and now Jon S checks in with his.......I still haven't heard this material, but I should in the next couple of days......thanks Jon S, and anyone else with any post-1980 or so Iggy stuff is welcome to check in......

Scott, if you look at the comments for your recent Iggy Pop post, you'll notice there are others who feel the same as I do about Zombie Birdhouse. In some senses, I could even say its my favorite; its certainly like nothing else he has done. Here is the deluxe version with live versions of the album along with other "classic" tracks. 

Included here is Live In San Francisco 1981, both in video form (360p - slightly higher grade can be found on youtube - but this is worth a watch as this is Iggy at his Iggiest) and separate mp3s. With him is a volatile band that rocks the shit out of every track. This tour was to promote Party but it was just before Zombie Birdhouse and one can sense where his head was at at the time.

You didn't mention the new album - Post Pop Depression - and I don't know if you've heard it, so here it is, along with a great recording of a recent show. The band is really smokin' and along with tracks from the new one are songs from The Idiot and Lust For Life.

Some of Iggy at his best -

Zombie Birdhouse

01 Run Like A Villain/02 The Villagers/03 Angry Hills/04 Life Of Work/05 The Ballad Of Cookie McBride/06 Ordinary Bummer/07 Eat Or Be Eaten/08 Bulldozer/09 Platonic/10 The Horse Song/11 Watching The News/12 Street Crazies/13 Pain & Suffering/14 The Villagers (Live)/15 Fall In Love With Me (Live)/16 Ordinary Bummer (Live)/17 The Horse Song (Live)/18 Angry Hills (Live)/19 Bulldozer (Live)/20 The Ballad Of Cookie McBride (Live)/21 Platonic (Live)/22 Life Of Work (Live)/23 Kill City (Live)/24 Loose (Live)/25 Search & Destroy (Live)/26 Run Like A Villain (Live)/27 Bang Bang (Live)/28 Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (Live)/29 Eat Or Be Eaten (Live)/30 Sixteen (Live)/31 Street Crazies (Live)

San Francisco 1981

01 Some Weird Sin/02 Houston Is Hot Tonight03 TV Eye/04 1969/05 Rock & Roll Party/06 Bang Bang/07 Dum Dum Boys/08 Eggs on Plate/09 I'm A Conservative/10 I Need More/11 Lust for Life/12 Pumpin' for Jill


Post Pop Depression

01 Break Into Your Heart/02 Gardenia/03 American Valhalla/04 In The Lobby/05 Sunday/06 Vulture/07 German Days/08 Chocolate Drops/09 Paraguay

Denver 4/2/16

01 - intro -/02 Lust for Life/03 Sister Midnight/04 American Valhalla/05 Sixteen/06 In the Lobby07 Some Weird Sin/08 Funtime/09 Tonight/10 Sunday/11 German Days/12 Mass Production/13 Nightclubbing/14 The Passenger/15 China Girl/16 - encore -/17 Break Into Your Heart/18 Fall in Love With Me/19 Repo Man/20 Baby/21 Chocolate Drops/22 Paraguay/23 Success/


  1. Thank you Jon S and Scott - you can never have too much Iggy....

  2. I had no idea there was a deluxe reissue of Zombie Birdhouse!!! It has some of Iggy's funniest lyrics. But according to the book "Open Up And Bleed" he was really mentally unstable at the time he made the record (and that's saying a lot for Mr. Pop).

    THANK YOU for the live set from the current tour with Josh Homme. I bet he tears it up on "Repo Man". Post Pop Depression is a mixed bag: some good songs, others not so much ("Vultures" is embarrassing.)

    Jon S, have you heard the Leaving Trains' version of "The Horse Song"?

    1. Yes! It was off the "Fuck" album, a forgotten classic!

      The Leaving Trains... trainwreck might be more like it. I saw them live once. They made it through approx 5 songs before literally falling down, too fucked up to play.

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  3. ZB is my Fav iggy album, that period 79-82 was fantastic, also like Instinct but nothing after that apart from Postpop depression