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Friday, May 6, 2016


Thinking I've never posted this one either, and a shame that would be, more good early 1970's hard psych rock, this time outta Los Angeles.....this was kind of a rarity at one time, originally pressed as a one-sided acetate record thus the short I've said many times, the hard psych of that era was criminally underappreciated at the time, this brief album proves as much. There are but six tracks here, plenty of fuzz guitar and druggy lyrics.....standouts to me are "Stay high, Fly Away Is Still OK" and "Double Darea", but all 6 have their can breeze through this in no time, but please don't deprive yourself of this one.

LYD-01 Trash Pad/02 The Time of hate and Struggle/03 Need You/04 Stay High, Fly Away is Still OK/05 Double Dare/06 Think It Over Twice

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