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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Doors Part 10 (Of MANY)

So, the next part of the Doors onslaught is kind of interesting, this is a three disc effort featuring various
television appearances from the band, thus the name "Television Skies"'s no "future classic" by any means, but it is worth listening to, and these are (mostly) some rarely heard tracks.....I wonder which will last longer? My marriage or this Doors series? Place yer bets!

DISC 1- 01 Wake Up/The End (The Rock Scene, Toronto, 9/14/67)/02 People Are Strange (Ed Sullivan, 9/17/67)/03 Light My Fire (Ed Sullivan 9/17/67)/04 People Are Strange (Murray the K Show 9/22/67)/05 Moonlight Drive (Jonathon Winters Show 12/27/67)/06 Light My Fire (Jonathon Winters Show (12/27/67) (FUN FACT: Jonathon Winters came outta my hometown (Springfield Ohio), and went to the same high school as myself (Springfield South, Go Wildcats)...oh, you don't care? Fuck off!)/07 When the Music's Over (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)/08/08 Five to One (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)/09 Spanish Caravan (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)/10 Back Door Man (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)/11 Wake Up/Light My Fire (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)/12  The Unknown Soldier (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)

DISC 2-01 Alabama Song/Back Door Man (Gladsaxe Denmark 9/16/68)/02 The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat (Gladsaxe Denmark 9/16/68)/03 Love Me Two Times (Gladsaxe Denmark 9/16/68)/04 When the Music's Over (Gladsaxe Denmark 9/16/68)/05 The Unknown Soldier (Gladsaxe Denmark 9/16/68)/06 Wild Child (Smothers Brothers 12/4/68)/07 Touch Me (Smothers Brothers 12/4/68)

DISC 3-01 Tell All The People (WNET NY, 4/28/69)/02 Alabama Song/Back Door Man (WNET NY, 4/28/69)/03 Wishful, Sinful (WNET 4/28/69)/04 Build Me a Woman (WNET NY 4/28/69)/05 The Soft Parade (WNET NY 4/28/69)/06 Crawling King Snake (Doors Workshop, LA, Fall 1970)/07 Tightrope Ride (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/08 In the Eye of the Sun (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/09 I'm Horny, I'm Stoned (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/10 Love Me Two Times (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/11 Verdillac (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/ 12 Ships W Sails (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/13 Good Rockin' (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/14 The Mosquito (Dick Cavett 8/25/72)


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  2. This is great, thanks!

    I've only ever seen this before in a one-disk version!