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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lonely Camel

From Oslo Norway comes a solid slab of good stoner rock.....these guys have released 4 albums, this is the only one I've ever been able to locate  (it's thier first) from 2008.....I'd appreciate any help that anyone can give me to hear the rest of them.

Lonely Camel were singer/guitarist Tomas Brenna, drummer Espen Nesset, guitarist Lukas Paulson, and bassist Stian Helle....what I like about this album is it harkens back to that sound of the bluesy-psych rock of the 1968-72 period that I talk about so much, but it really does.."Don't Piss on the Lizard" and "Spacerider" stand out, but you'll want to hear this whole thing.....a good album, sure would like to hear the rest of em.

01 In My Lane/02 I'm Your God/03 Dark Lord/04 Don't Piss On the Lizzard/05 Madras/06 Damn You're Hot/07 Spacerider/08 Black Suits and Guns/09 Shake It With the Devil/10 Blindfolded



  2. Listened to a bit of this. Sounds very good...

  3. Just realised this is - presumably 'Kenny & The Kasuals'. A pity cos I'd listened to a bit of Lonely Camel on Youtube and it sounded good.

  4. Here is all four albums