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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Doors Part 5 (of MANY)

Sick of em YET? No? Well, be patient, I have only tapped the tip of the iceberg......a few  more live efforts
today, all from 1968......

First of all (remember, I captured ALL of this as a huge Torrent the other day, so some of it (to me) is oddly programmed, but how I got them is how I will present them, as is my normal procedure) we have a portion of (I remember this, actually), was released as a Jimi Hendrix album, "Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead".....what it is, is a VERY informal jam session with Hendrix, Jim Morrison, johnny Winter, and Buddy Miles, recorded in someone's apartment. It's REALLY pretty bad, and, as I said, only the tracks with Morrison were presented in the Torrent.....he passes out eventually. Anyway, nothing great here at all, if the idea of a Hendrix/Morrison collaboration sounds like your kind of thing, go WILL be disappointed!

Next up, a two-disc set of a September 6 show in London at the Roundhouse. They did an early show and a late show, one on each disc. The sound quality is what I would describe as (charitably) "fair", and there are no real surprises in the set lists.

From Copenhagen Denmark comes a September 18th TV broadcast, sound quality is good, somewhat of a short set (being on TV), and an early version of "WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)" which seems to have been a live staple quite a while before it appeared on "LA Woman"

Finally, from September 20, another two set/two disc effort, this time from Stockholm. Fine (soundboard) quality, and sharp performances, make this the pick of the litter for today. The early show contains "Love Street", which I don't remember them performing before, and the late set includes (wait for it) "Mack the Knife".....this one is the one I'd go for, of today's options......

Got a TON of more live stuff, as well as more alternate takes/singles/demos/LOTS more than you could
ever some point I'll slow down with the Doors stuff, I'll bet it takes (guessing) maybe 50-60 posts to get through it. You WILL be sick of them.

WOKE UP THIS MORNING AND FOUND MYSELF DEAD (Portion)-01 Bleeding Heart/02 Morrison's Lament/03 Tomorrow Never Knows

THE ROUNDHOUSE, LONDON 9/6/68 (DISC 1)-01 Five to One/02 When the Music's Over/03 Back Door Man/04 Spanish Caravan/05 Wake Up/06 Light My Fire/07 The Unknown Soldier/08 Promoter's Comments

THE ROUNDHOUSE LONDON 9/6/68 (DISC 2)-01 Five to One/02 When the Music's Over/03 Wake Up/04 Light My Fire

GLADSAXE TV STUDIO COPENHAGEN 9/18/68-01 Alabama Song/02 Back Door man/03 WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)/04 Love Me Two Times/05 When the Music's Over/06The Unknown Soldier

STOCKHOLM 9/20/68 DISC 1-01 Five to One/02 Love Street/03 Love Me Two Times/04 When the
Music's Over/05 A Little Game/06 The Hill Dwellers/07 Light My Fire/08 The Unknown Soldier

STOCKHOLM 9/20/68 DISC 2-01 Five To One/02 Mack the Knife/03 Love Me Two Times/04 Back Door Man/05 You're Lost Little Girl/06 Love Me Two Times/07 When the Music's Over/08 Wild Child/09 Money/10 Wake Up/11 Light My Fire/12 [Turn Out the Lights]/13 The End


  1. WOKE UP






  2. Thanks for this. I bought the silver of that WOKE UP THIS MORNING AND FOUND MYSELF DEAD way, way back in the day. One of the omitted tracks is cleverly titled Uranus Rock and consists of an extremely wasted Morrison yelling stuff like "Fuck your baby in the asshole" over and over.