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Friday, May 6, 2016

The Doors Part 7 (Of MANY)

Heck yeah, it's THAT time again, time to drag out some more of this gigantic Doors'll love it or hate it, but here's your chance to GET it....

A few selections from 1970 today, lets dive right in....first and probably least is a double set from Honolulu 4/18/70.....sound quality is fair-to-poor, there are a few curiosities in the set ("People Get Ready", "Away In India", "Crossroads", "Baby Please Don't Go"...I wouldn't PAY too much for this one, but maybe if I could DL it......well, who knows?

Much better sound quality appears on the 8/29/70 Isle of Wight Festival......a short set with no real surprises, still a fine performance, with a great ending version of "The End"

Next up we have 12/8/70 Jim Morrison's birthday....he reads a bunch of poetry over some backing music, if you want it, here is the place to get it.

Finally, we have the commercially released "Absolutely Live", which was only a fair recording at the time of does contain a good "Who Do You Love", and the infamous "Celebration of the Lizard"....not bad, not great, essential if you "want it all"..

I'm gonna wrap it here, a little bit of old Jimbo can go a long long way......anyway, look out for Part 8, sometime soon.

HONOLULU DISC 1-01 Back Door Man/02 Five to One/03 Roadhouse Blues/04 Break On Through/05 When the Music's Over/06 Peace Frog/07 Crystal Ship/08 People Get Ready-Mystery Train-Away In India-Crossroads-People Get Ready

HONOLULU DISC 2-01 Love Me Two Times-Baby Please Don't Go/02 Rock Me/03 Wake Up- Light My Fire-Fever-Love Hides-Light My Fire/04 The End-Accident-Ensenada-The End-Coda Queen-The End

ISLE OF WIGHT-01 Intro/02 Back Door Man/03 Break On Through/04 When the Music's Over/05 Ship of Fools/06 Roadhouse Blues/07 Light My Fire/08 The End

JIM MORRISONS BIRTHDAY POETRY-01 Graveyard Poem/02 The Politics of Ecstacy/03 Kingdoms of Our Own

ABSOLUTELY LIVE-01 House Announcements/02 Who Do you love/03 Alabama Song/04 back Door man/05 Love Hides/06 Five to One/07 Build Me a Woman/08 When The Music's Over/09 Close to You/10 Universal Mind/11 Petition the Lord With Prayer/12 Dead Cats, Dead Rats/13 Break On Through/14 Lions In the Street/15 Wake Up/16 A Little Game/17 The Hill Dwellers/18 Not to Touch the Earth/19 Names of the Kingdom/20 The Palace of Exile/21 Soul Kitchen







  2. Once you've taken in the unique décor at this place, the hardest part is to decide whether to go upstairs or downstairs. With a large open floor plan at venues in NYC, you'll find bars on both levels, and someone will always come by to serve you matter where you decide to hang out.

  3. Could I ask for a re-up of the HONOLULU DISC 2 from the Doors? I am compiling all the various "covers" of the great Big Joe Williams song "Baby Please Don't Go" I have great versions of Amboy Dukes, AC/DC, THEM, Van Morrison, etc.... seems like I should have The Doors version as well! Thanks in advance! Mark in Virginia
    p.s. Great blog....really enjoying it.