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Friday, May 27, 2016

Q-U-E-E-N Covers and a classic concert

Something tells me to be cautious with this one. They seem like one of those nice old English bands who will DMCA you out of existence if you post their stuff. So, they shall be referred to as Q. First up, we have a concert that I had to dig in the dustiest corner of the Internet to find.....

The Freddie Mercury Tribute concert was a big event of my adolescence. I was born after Woodstock and The Concert For Bangladesh, I was too young to give a shit about Live Aid, so this was it for me. And it was that time when Q's star rose again after Freddie's death due to that one song being in a know the one...

I don't want to talk about the gig much, cuz I'll use names that attract too much attention. For a long time, all I had was my cassettes of this show that I'd recorded off the radio. That was until I came across this Italian bootleg. It seems to be an audio dupe of the TV feed, but it's good quality. I always wondered why this wasn't released, and after hearing the whole thing I know why. There's feedback spikes and audio dropouts throughout the show. This happens even at the show's ultimate moment: Bowie and Annie Lennox's "Under Pressure". I've always read that Wembley Stadium can be nightmarish for sound. It's not horrible by any means, but there's a few spikes.

This is the whole show, with only a few exceptions. I took out You Too's track cuz it was just one of those piped-in ZooTV tour performances they were always doing. Also includes several things cut from broadcast (Spinal Tap, Bob Geldof), as well as some things cut from videotape and DVD releases (RP's "Innuendo"). Go to the wiki page and give it a read -

One more thing I wanna say about this concert: this should've been it. The finale. The group's later reformations with Paul Rodgers (ugh) and Adam Lambert (aaggh!) did nothing but besmirch the legend. Freddie was it, there's no replacing him. This would've been a good finale....Liza's "Champions" not withstanding. There's plenty of overblown moments, like GNR's reggae breakdown in the middle of "Knockin'", but is a great show. Now on to the cool covers comp I made to go along with this....

Regarding this covers comp, I want to address something. You'll notice that there are three specific Q songs that are not here. And it's because I'm utterly fucking sick of them!!! They have saturated classic rock radio for decades, to the point where they're no more emotionally moving to me than a rendition of "I'm A Little Teapot". Also, they seem to be the only songs that other people judge Q by, and that's not fair. I'm not meaning to shit on them if you like them, but I just didn't want to include them. 

No write up this time, guys. Just roll with it - you always seem to.





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  2. The Flaming Lips version of the song from that comedy might restore your faith in that song

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  4. My apologies to all... Apparently zippy was being wonky with its numbers, so it wasn't reflecting downloads accurately the first few weeks! Turns out this one has gotten plenty of DLs, so I'm sorry for going off.