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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Towering Above the Rest Part 2

(Scott)-so, from our newest mega-contributor, Jon S. comes the second half of the ULTIMATE in Radiohead rarities..... I listened to some of the first half today, and that is some great stuff...... anything you can imagine: live tracks, alternate takes, remixes, demos..... ANYTHING..... between yesterday's post and this one, there are a mind-boggling TWENTY FOUR DISCS here, the compiler is, unfortunately unknown, I sure would like to give him thanks..... but, I sure do give thanks to Jon S. for submitting it! As I said yesterday, this band has been known to be a bit "touchy" at times, so I can't guarantee how long this stays, even though they are not officially released recordings

And here it is, the second 12 cds of the collection Towering Above The Rest. From what Is aw, the links on the site are from 2013 and the couple sampled are down. Don't know what you have or what you want, and in that we're in the same boat. Have fun!

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 13 (Early)

01 The Bends (demo)/02 Nice Dream (demo)/03 Alligators In The NY Sewers/04 Egyptian Song (early)/05 Everything In Its Right Place/06 Optimistic (early)/07 Morning Bell (early)/08 You And Whose Army (early)/09 Paranoid Android (Extended Keyboard)/10 In Limbo (early)/11 I Might Be Wrong (early)/12 Kid A (early)/13 I Will (Extended Reversed)/14 Go To Sleep (early)/15 Punch-up At A Wedding (early)/16 I Will (early)/17 Creep (acapella)

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 14 (Remixes)

01 Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazillia)/02 Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazillia 2)/03 Climbing  Up The Walls (Zero 7)/04 Killer Cars (Mogadan)/05 Stop Whispering (US Mix)/06 Pearly (Running From Demons)/07 Idioteque (Paul Oakenfeld)/08 Treefingers (Extended)/09 Idioteque (Dave Clarke)/10 Blow Out (Mix)/11 Stupid Car (Tinnitus)/12 Everything in its Right Place (Dino Lenny)/13 Kid A (Funkstorung)/14 Remyxomatosis (Cristian Vogel)/15 Skttrbrain (Four Tet remix)

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 15 (Remixes)

01 Interlude Megamix/02 Kid A Megamix/03 Everything In Its Right Place (James Lavelle)/04 Packt Like Sardines In A Crush (Slynus)/05 Idioteque (Glitzy Kitten)/06 Everything In Its Right Place (Josh Wink)/07 Idioteque (Blow Up at the Air)/08 Everything in it's Right Place (Head Of The House Mix)/09 Like Spinning Plates (Reversed)/10 Pulk Pull..Like Spinning Plates/11 Rabbit In Your Headlights (Underdog)/12 Rabbit In Your Headlights (3D Reverse Light)/13 Rabbit In Your Headlights (Suburban Hell)

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 16 (Remixes)

01 Introduction To Romeo/02 Mantua/03 2hb (venus in furs)/04 Ladytron (venus in furs)/05 Bitter-Sweet (venus in furs)/06 Tumbling Down (venus in furs)/07 Baby's On Fire (venus in furs)/08 Talk Show Host (Nellee Hooper)/09 Talk Show Host (Black Dog)/10 Planet Telex (Hexidecimal dub)/11 Planet Telex (Hexidecimal mix)/12 Planet Telex (L.F.O. DJ)/13 Planet Telex (Trashed)/14 Planet Telex (Karma Sunra)/15 Planet Telex (Depthcharge)

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 17 (Remixes)

01 Kid A Theory/02 Theory Songs 2/03 How To Disappear Theory/04 Packt Like Everything/05 National Pulk/06 Likecitenik v2/07 Everything In Its Right Place (Velvet Teen Remix)/08 Like Spinning Plates (Bentsonic Remix)/09 Hunting Bears (Aplastic Remix)/10 You And Whose Army (Fnord)/11 Everything In Its Right Place (Rollmottle Remix)/12 Paranoid Android (B2 Mix)/13 Kid A (Kid Koala Remix)

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 18 (Pre Kid A)

01 Paranoid Android (BBC)/02 Climbing Up The Walls (BBC)/03 Exit Music (BBC)/04 Talk Show Host (BBC)/05 Big Boots (demo)/06 Let Down/07 Instrumental (Pre Kid A)/08 Big Ideas/09 Big Boots/10 I Promise/11 Lift/12 Big Ideas (Acoustic)/13 True Love Waits/14 Lift/15 Nude/16 True Love Lives

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 19 (Remixes)

01 Pyramid Song (Trance Mix)/02 Pyramid Song (Trance Extended Mix)/03 Street Spirit (Jarnum Trance Mix)/04 In Limbo (Living In A Fantasy Remix)/05 Karma Police (Gospel Remix)/06 Karma Police (Reincarnation Mix)/07 Karma Police (T Remix)/08 Idioteque (Lapetus Remix)/09 Idioteque (I Want You To Know Remix)/10 Idioteque (General Musician Remix)/11 Idioteque Anthem/12 Exit Music (Romeo And Juliet M)/13 Exit Music (Obtuse Mix)/14 Talk Show Host (D And B Mix)

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 20 (Remixes)

01 Creep (Aoiwe Remix)/02 How I Made My Millions (Indie Remix)/03 I Might Be Wrong (Ice Age Remix)/04 Hunting Bears (Graemlin Remix)/05 Everything In Its Right Place (Sasha and Digweed White Label Remix)/06 Everything In Its Right Place (Jan Hinke Remix)/07 Everything In Its Right Place (Hybrid Remix)/08 Everything In Its Right Place (Combo Remix)/09 Packt Like Sardines (Combo Remix)/10 Talk Show Host (Combo Remix)/11 Street Spirit (Combo Remix)/12 Pyramid Song (Combo Remix)/13 Climbing Up The Wall (Combo Remix)

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 21 (Radio Sessions)

01 On The Beach (Neil Young)/02 Down By The River (Neil Young)/03 It's the End of the World as we Know It (w_ Michael Stipe)/04 Karma Police (Michael Stipe)/05 In My Mind (w_The Pixies)/06 Nothing Touches Me/07 I Can't/08 Prove Yourself/09 Creep/10 Anyone Can Play Guitar/11 Stop Whispering/12 High & Dry/13 Fake Plastic Tree/14 Street Spirit/15 You/16 Planet Telex/17 Creep

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 22 (Extra Material)

01 There There/02 Instrumental 1/03 Instrumental 2/04 Instrumental 3/05 Instrumental 4/06 I Will (Demo)/07 Paranoid Android/08 How To Disappear Completely/09 A Punchup At A Wedding (edit)/10 Idioteque (live)/11 Paranoid Android (live)/12 Sulk (early)/13 The Trickster (early)/14 Permanent Daylight (Instrumental)/15 Karma Police (live)/16 Bones (live)/17 Paranoid Android (live)/18 Permanent Daylight (early)19 How Can You Be Sure (live)/20 Bulletproof...I Wish I Was (early)

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 23 (Extra Material)

01 Genchildren/02 33.33333/03 We Suck Young Blood/04 Smear (Jonny Greenwood)/05 Duty Lux/06 Nudnik Headache/07 Untitled/08 Split Sides/09 Friendly Fire/10 I Get Louder/11 Skkatterwave Extended/12 I'll Eat You Alive/13 Momentum/14 Nasty People

Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 24

01 National Anthem/02 Go To Sleep (Zoo DJs Mix)/03 Sail To The Moon (The Heaven & Earth Division Remix)/04 Electric Cars/05 Myxomatosis/06 Say The Word (aka C Minor Song)/07 Street Spirit (DJ Tiesto)/08 The Gloaming (DJ Shadow)

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