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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hello, and Best Wishes to my friends from SUMMER CANNIBALS!

Summer Cannibals is one of "those" BIG TIME bands (ala the great Tender Age) who desire FEWER
listeners for their work, rather than MORE. Of course, as always, I will remove anything from this blog for these perculiar types of performers, I never HEARD OF Summer Cannibals until I received (at no cost to ME, of course) their latest CD....... what they fail to understand and realize is that the world is a MUCH different place than it was 25 years ago. Remember, it was EASY for ME to get their album, and, just out of curiosity, I ran a  quick (one minute) search and found five more places where I COULD HAVE gotten it, had I the desire. Anyway, it's out there, ANYONE can get it, and I implore you not to, PLEASE give Summer Cannibals what they desire and FEWER people listen to their stuff...... if you were one of the four (FOUR, WOW MAAAAAN) people who downloaded it from my site, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE delete it. They do NOT want you to hear it. Please respect their wishes.

As always, thanks to REAL rock stars (ones with a HELL OF A LOT more of a following than Summer Cannibals will garner in 100 years) like Nikki Corvette, Lennon Murphy, Frightwig, Horny Bitches, Soaria, Datura, etc, etc, who understand that the exposure given to them here actually helps them to gain a wider audience. In other words, Summer Cannibals need music blogs ONE HELL OF A LOT MORE than music blogs need Summer Cannibals. I hope their dreams come true, and they acquire just as very few listeners as possible. I wish them well.

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  1. I think you're right. In the days of 'The Record Industry' their attitude might've made sense - don't listen to music you haven't paid for. But the record industry doesn't exist anymore. How are ya gonna get yr music heard without someone paying for advertising and bankrolling yr tours and all that? It's blogs (like this) that are doing the job the record companies of old used t'do - getting exposure for yr 'product'.