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Monday, May 30, 2016

Girl Band Completer!

(scott) Jon S, meet John N......yesterday I made a fool out of myself, thinking "The Girl Band" was actually a "girl band"...... well, I got that straight in my feeble brain, and along comes John N to the rescue to fill in a gap or two left by Jon S...... Jon, you may already have these (or not) but me personally, I just LOVE when things work out this way!

(Jon N)-your friend probably has the other 3 releases, but just in case, here they are.  The France EP is rough comparatively, but the songs are essential nonetheless, and a couple of listens, you'll be glad you have them.  The 2 7"s each have one track not on anything else.

Girl (210.3 MB)
France 1998-01 You're a Dog/02 Busy at Maths/03 That Snake Conor Cusak/04 France 98/05 Second One/06 Handswaps/07

7" -01 Lawman/02 Heckle the Frames

7"-01 In My Head/02 Conductor

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  1. FRANCE 98

    7" #1

    7" #2