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Thursday, May 19, 2016

3 for Thursday...Great Guest Submission #3

(Scott)-Now, here's a name we haven't heard for a while, Cliff from the UK, my personal reggae "go to guy"....his been out of action for a while, he promises some more of his great reggae stuff soon, but, for now, in response to the multi-part Rory Gallagher post, Cliff submits some excellent material, including the ORIGINAL two albums from Taste (see yesterday, I have only the "Greatest Hits")

But that's not all.... he also shares with us (Taste) live at the Isle of Wight, he claims it's "one of the best live albums ever made", and he has good judgement as well, so it will probably the first thing I listen to tomorrow morning...and as another bonus, "Meeting With the G-Man", featuring Gallagher fronting his post-Taste crew, live from the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam, 1993. 

Thanks Cliff, been worried about ya buddy! Stay healthy, and when you are ready, be sure and get us some more of that fab reggae that you deliver like NO ONE else can!

TASTE-01 Blister on the Moon/02 Leavin' Blues/03 Sugar Mama/04 Hail/05 Born on the Wrong Side of
Time/06 Dual Carriageway Pain/07 Same Old Story/08 Catfish/09 I'm Moving On

ON THE BOARDS-01 What's Going On/02 Railway and Gun/03 It happened Before, It'll happen Again/04 If the Day Was Any Longer/05 Morning Sun/06 Eat My Words/07 On the Boards/08 If I Don't Sing I'll Cry/09 See Here/10 I'll Remember

LIVE AT THE ISLE OF WIGHT-01 What's Going On/02 Sugar Mama/03 Morning Sun/04 Sinner Boy/05 I Feel So Good/06 Catfish

MEETING WITH THE G-MAN-01 Continental Op/02 Moonchild/03 Mean Disposition/04 The Loop/05 Don't Start Me Talkin'/06 Ghost Blues/07 Messin' With the Kid/08 La Bamba

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