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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The UP

These guys were pals with the MC5, the White Panthers, et al, but never recorded an album..."Killer UP!" is
a collection of their singles, some demos, and some live tracks from the Agora Ballroom in Columbus Ohio (I grew up at the Agora, which still stands although it is now called Newport Auditorium, just saw Sleater Kinney there in December)....the sound quality here is a bit rough to say the least, but the raw energy is amazing.....I think they first came to the notice of many (me at least) with a couple of tracks on the "Michigan Mixture" compilation (I think i posted it once, some of the most acid damaged music ever put to wax), their sound is somewhat like Blue Cheer, with the political savvy of the MC5, witness "Free John Now" and "Prayer For John Sinclair".....lots of good stuff here, "Just Like an Aborigine" and a version of "Train Kept a Rollin'" (I wonder if we could get enough versions of THAT one for a comp album?) that makes Aerosmith's sound like Bread.

Highly recommended......highly, highly recommended

01 Just Like an Aborigine (Mix 1)/02 Do the Sun Dance/03 Free John Now (Mix 3)/04 Come On/05 C'mom and Swim/06 Hassan I Sahba/07 Sisters, Sisters (Sisters Rising)/08 Together/09 Train Kept a Rollin'/10 Just Like an Aborigine (Mix 2)/11 I Don't Need You/12 Never Say Die/13 Free John Now (Mix 1)/14 Prayer For John Sinclair



  2. Wow Dude with all of the problems you are going through you are giving me something that I know nothing about but is right up my alley. I thank you so much, and hang in there bro I can't put my finger on it but even for me I'm going through some terrible times too. I don't know if the Earth is off it's axis by a few degrees or if it's the thought that Trump could be our president.

  3. I've always read about these guys in punk history but have yet to hear them...that is until now.