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Monday, May 23, 2016

John N presents Lesbians on Ecstasy redux!

(Scott) John N, the always amazing link machine, sends the rest of the Lesbians on Ecstasy collection (see the debut CD a few days ago)..... that guy never fails to amaze.... anyway, of, course, haven't listened to these yet, I'll get to em tomorrow, but meantime, THANKS for helping make this blog what it is, John N!.... He (John N) also sent me a metric shit ton of Lee Michaels (see also a few days ago) which I will put up in the next few days...had no clue the fucking guy had so much stuff, hell, it may suck, I don't know, but that is hardly the point around here..... I love it when ANYONE shares ANYTHING, your Mama TOLD YOU that sharing is the way to go, and she was RIGHT as always!

GIGGLES IN THE DARK-01 Revolt (Le Tigre Remix)/02 Tell Me Does She Love the Bass (A Scream Club Remix)/03 The 'Vegetarian Waving A Rainbow Flag Made of Raw Meat' Principle/04 Queens of Hanson Brothers Noise Mix (DJ Ai Noise Mix)/05 Tell Me Does She Love the Bass (The Jealous Mix By Sean Kosa)/06 Summer Luv 'Everything Was Slo-Mo'/07 Bitchsy (Kids on TV Remix)/08 Summer Luv (The Jody 'The Warlock' Bleyle Remix)/09 Manipulate (Katastrophe Remix) 10 A Queen's Struggle (The Poetica Remix)

WE KNOW YOU KNOW-01 Sisters On the Struggle/02 Sedition/03 The Cold Touch of Leather/04 Victoria's Secret/05 We Won't Give it back/06 Party Time (A Womyn's Luv)/07 Is This Way?/08 Alone In Madness/09 It's Practically Freedom/10 Mortified

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