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Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Doors Part 11 (Of many)

Ho!, You thought I forgot all about these boyos huh? Well dream on, there are a bunch of parts remaining on
my hard drive, and Doors fantatics unite! A lot of this stuff IS pretty rare-and has also been quite popular...... got a couple of the more rare ones even today (I think), let's dive in and see what is the prize recording for the date!

 Well, I may as well unburden myself of this 2 disc monstrosity, "The Doors In Concert"......I have no idea what it comes from, I can tell you that the first disc seems to incorporate most/all of "Absolutely Live" which was not that great to begin with, but then it goes on and on, with more lesser-known tunes (unsure of dates or venues), and Disc 2 (also no idea of its origin) contains "Gloria", a weird version of "Light My Fire" with a "Graveyard Poem" inserted, whatever else......Can't find shit about this set, it may have been spliced together from various live sets that are already here. What do you want for nothing a fucking rubber biscuit?

In my generosity I am going to also throw up a 2001 release (REALLY haven't seen this one around too much) "The Ultimate Spoken Word Collection", with a few interviews, and some of Jimbo's musings on the universe......I don't like this stuff, hardly at all, but I promised ya I'm gonna BURY you in Doors shit by the time I'm done, so eat up!

IN CONCERT DISC 1-01 House Announcements/02 Who Do You Love/03 Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)/04 back Door Man/05 Love Hides/06 Five to One/07 Build Me a Woman/08 When the Music's Over/09 Close To You/10 Universal Mind/11 Petition the Lord/12 Dead Cats Dead Rats/13 Break On Through/14 Lions in the Street/15 Wake Up/16 A Little Game/17 The Hill Dwellers/18 Not to Touch the Earth/19 Names off the Kingdom/20 The Palace of Exite/21 Soul Kitched

IN CONCERT DISC 2-01 Roadhouse Blues/02 Gloria/ Light My Fire/04 You Make Me Real/05 Texas Radio & the Big Beat/06 Love me two Times/07 Little Red Rooster/08 Moonlight Drive/09 Unknown Soldier/10 The End

THE ULTIMATE COLLECTED SPOKEN WORD 1967-1970 (JIM MORRISON)-01 Perceptual Notions/02 Interview By John Tobler at Isle of Wight Festival 8/30/70/03 New Orleans.....Very Strange/04 All Day Breakfast (Interview By Bob Kourish, (cut) 1/15/71/05 Rare Interview (Cut)


  1. I don't see a link for these...Thank You

    1. You're right I forgot, I'll fix it soon




  3. Thank You, Muchly..LoL...mOOOse