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Monday, May 2, 2016

Jonder submits The Wildhearts

A slamming hard rocking slab from a UK band with which I was unfamiliar.....this is a best-of comp entitled "Riff After Motherfucking Riff" and the title, as Jonder says, says it all.....this kicks serious ass, I wish I was tuned into this band years ago. Every track here is brutally rocking, please don't miss it.

RIFF AFTER MOTHER FUCKING RIFF-01 Stormy In the North, Karma in the South/02 Putting It On/03 Looking For the One/04 lake of Piss/05 Better Than Cable/06 If I Decide/07 Bang!/08 Action Panzer/09 The People That Life Forgot/10 Move On/11  OCD/12 Return to Zero/13 Let's Go

Highly, very highly, recommended!



  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Wildhearts singer/songwriter Ginger is still active:

  3. This guy is a maniac in the best sense of the word

  4. Wow. How did I miss these guys?!?