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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fifty Foot Hose

So here's another psych/ experimental curiosity... from San Francisco, ca. 1967, they were somewhat ahead of the curve, fusing standard rock n roll with avant garde "noise"....I really enjoy this album on occasion, you will also, in the right frame of mind.

The band was comprised of bassist Louis Marchesci, guitarist David Blossom, vocalist Nancy Blossom, drummer Kim Kimsey, and guitarist Larry Evans.

The band released but this one album "Cauldron", but what an album it is..... wonderfully dated jazzy-psych rock, with wonderful electronic sound effects, sort of pre-Pink Floyd, maybe,

This is a good, dated period piece, ahead of its time, I think you will like it or at the very least be amused by it.... I know I play it now and then, if you are unfamiliar, perhaps you will as well. Don't sell this one short!

BTW, this is a CD edition with bonus tracks....

CAULDRON-01 And After/02 If Not This Time/03 Opus 777/04 The Things That Concern You/05 Opus 11/06 Red the Sign Post/07 For Paula/08 Rose/09 Fantasy/10 God Bless the Child/11 Cauldron/12 If Not This Time/13 Red the Sign Post/14 Fly Free/15 Desire/16 Bad Trip

Totally groovy man, you don't want to miss this one!



  2. How did you know I was looking for this record? It was supposedly an influence on one of my favorite bands, CHROME. Thanks!

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  4. So weird, I always fill a flash drive with random and shuffle it in the car. A song off this came up TODAY, and caught my ear, made me take note of the band. Then I see this post. Cue Twilight Zone music... Thanks for your blog!