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Friday, May 20, 2016

Lee Michaels

Keeping variety at the forefront as is my custom, allow me to present another of my late father's faves, Lee Michaels...this is his self titled debut LP (a tasty vinyl rip at that), which rocks like a mofo even with the total absence of guitars......what we is Michaels assaulting the keyboard as if it raped his sister, accompanied bu his enormous drummer Frosty.......this is a GODDAMN GOOD album, if you don't believe me please check this and tell me I'm wrong.......Notably, the skull crushing version of "Stormy Monday", also the fab "Who Could Want More"......there are other gems here, (honestly Frosty's drum histrionics get to be a bit much at times), AND AS A BONUS, I stuck his only hit single, the charming "Do You know What I Mean" on the end of it (always loved Genya Raven's cover of that one, for whatever that is worth)

Like Mommy and Daddy and The Black Diamond Heavies, Michaels proved that one can rock HARD without guitars, screeching keyboards, throbbing drums, and tortured vocals can rock just as hard! Good album if you are not familiar with it!

LEE MICHAELS-01 Tell Me How Do You Feel-(Don't Want No) Woman-My Friends-Frosty's-Think I'll Go Back/02 Stormy Monday/03 Who Could Want More/04 Want My baby/05 Heighty Hi/06 Do You Know What I Mean

Good album, vinyl rip, a fave of my Pop's....for what more could one possible ask?



  2. Cool. Thanks Scott- a keeper for SURE. Reminds me of Traffic (in a good way). You heard "Everybody's Stoned, And So Am I" ?

  3. 'this is his self titled debut LP'.. This was LM's third album (released in '69) after "Recital" and "Carnival of Life" (both released in '68).Just like your Pops, this was a favorite of mine at the time. Nice blog !