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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My OWN Japanese rock contribution, Hideki Ishima

Long, long ago, I did a post on the totally incredible Flower Travellin' Band, I'm sure the links are long dead, but that was a bad ass fucking band, I'm telling ya.... what i've NOT posted (I don't think) is this album, "One Day" from their guitar whiz, Hideki Ishima.... pretty fine stuff here, his solo album ca. 1973... he was also a sitar ace as well, also mastering the "sitarla", a sitar/guitar hybrid of his own invention.... he's been in several bands since the Flower Travellin' Band went on hiatus, this is (I think) his lone solo effort.... it's pretty decent, please give it a listen. This is something of a lesser-known effort, but if by some chance you either were a fan of/or checked out my post on The Flower Travellin' band, you may possibly enjoy this minor gem.... may as well give it a spin while we are in this Japanese Rock-groove!

ONE DAY-01 We're Just Tryin' My Way/02 Artificial Flowers/03 Lady Bird/04 Night Mare/05 Unbalance/06 Depending By the Time/07 Trash Blues



  2. This sounds interesting. Thanks. A lot of these Japanese bands have a really original take on things. The only band I'm not keen on is the one who were probably the most famous - at least for a time - I've forgotten their name now. Acid Mothers Temple, that's it. People raved about them but I found them tedious (I also found the endless recycling of rock culture phrases and iconography in their song titles and album covers tedious). Their head honcho, though, is/was involved with other bands I do like (Mainliner? HighRise? someone of that ilk anyway)

  3. Kawabata Makoto (leader of Acid Mothers) is in Mainliner with Asahito Nanjo from High Rise. Jack, can you share your live Murahachibu album? I haven't find any of their music online (yet). Mainliner would also be most welcome!

  4. didn't know this even existed! thanks so much for putting it up!

  5. Hey Jonder- I found a link to the Murahachibu. Only 160kbps but at least it gives you an idea.

    Scott- I'm not sure where you stand on posting other ppl's links. Well, I'm sure you can amend my comment to delete the link if you're not happy with it. It's here -

    I think this album is wonderful. Parts of it put me in mind of some 16-year olds practicing in a school hall or whatever. (That's a good thing btw).