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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Some New Punk from Max Raptor

John N sends us this one, some really good slammin punk that sounds like it escaped from 1977.....the band is Ben Winnington on guitar, Matt Stevenson on bass, Wil Ray on vocals, and Pete Reisner on drums. They hail from Burton Upon Trent, Midlands UK, and draw a good bit of influence from, say, Stiff Little Fingers, the Clash, that general crowd.

I see that they have released an EP or two before, haven't heard em, this was my first exposure, but I listened to this one the other day and was impressed enough to post it.....and, as usual, when posting a new release, if anyone takes issue, let me know and it will be removed with quickness. Until then though, this is a pretty good punk stomper/

MAX RAPTOR-01 Keep the Peace/02 Old Romantics/03 Torch Led/04 When I Was a Gentleman/05 Day Release/06 Big Divide/07 Concrete/08 Golden Age/09 Damage Appreciation/10 Relic/11 Great Discovery/Last Words

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