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Monday, May 30, 2016

Souldiggers Band

This is a good album from The Soul Digger's band, ca. 2012.... I know they released at least a second effort,but I can't find it/don't have it, so hopefully someone will come up with it. Why? because this slab is a fine piece of hard/stoner rock, very good, bluesy, sort of memorable of maybe Five Horse Johnson..... it's a really good disc, for all you rock n rollers, give it a listen please. Can't say much more, but this is one you guys should enjoy!

SEARCH FOR GREATER THINGS-01 Touch the Ghost/02 Mind Gazer/03 Too Hot Woman/04 Seeds of Love/05 Revolution/06 Wake Up/07 Bad Times Gone/08 Better Ways/09 Cross the Line/10 Keep Away/11 All day Long/12 Heart Searching Blues/13 Back at Home (Cradle Song)

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