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Saturday, May 21, 2016


Straight outta Barcelos Portugal comes Killimanjaro, who cranked out (at least) a pair of good old-fashioned power trio hard rock.... almost impossible to find any information on them, except that this album (self titled debut) came out in 2011, the follow up "Hook", which I don't have and haven't heard, came out in 2014... some fairly nondescript vocals here (English), but some fairly speedy guitars and bass, in particular on the title track instrumental. Really all of it is worth a listen, I wonder if they grew any on album #2, but for now, this one is certainly listenable.

KILLIMANJARO-01 Prayer/02 Uncle Pope/03 Burning/04 Empty/05 I'll Go By Foot/06 Killimanjaro/07 Everything Can Be a Lie

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