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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Doors (Part 6 of MANY)

Continuing on to give you the best Doors overview (maybe) ever created, as we left you last we were in the
midst of a slew of a bunch of live a few more for you today, see what you think of them.First up is a 1969 broadcast for PBS television, really sounds great, this is one I'd recommend. "Wishful Sinful" is not perform that often.,,,a pretty decent interview follows the set.

Next up is an album called "Missing Links" 2/25/69 Live at Sunset Hollywood CA....good sound, and what is interesting here is there are really no Doors songs, they experiment with other stuff....a curiosity and a good one.

Next disc is from same date, same venue, and again, is devoid of traditional "Doors" songs......I have to say, these are two of my favorites thus far in this set......they are unique and rarely heard.....I recommend these, at least over another muddled version of "Light My Fire" (and we WILL have more of those!)

Gonna close out the 1969 shows (for now, there are more to come) with a show (9/13/69) at Toronto...this is a short set with good-to-fair sound, nothing terribly unusual in the set list. If you are trying to build a "complete Doors" file, you'll want it, if not, well.......

PBS STUDIOS 4/28/69-01 Studio Introduction/02 Tell All the People/03 Whiskey Bar/04 Backdoor Man/05 Wishful Sinful/06 Build Me a Woman/07 The Soft parade/08 PBS Interview

MISSING LINKS SESSION 2/25/69-01 Whiskey Mystics, and Men #1/02 The Soft Parade Intro #1/03 The Soft Parade Intro #2/04 Whiskey, Mystics, and Men #2/05 Love Me Tender/06 Rock Is Dead #1/07 Me and the Devil Blues (Devil is a Woman)/08 Rock is Dead #2/09 Queen of the Magazines/10 Pipeline (Intstro)/11 Rock is Dead #3/12 Rock me Baby/13 Mystery Train/14 Rock Is Dead #4

ROCK IS DEAD SESSIONS 2/25/69-01 Love Me Tender-Save the Whole World/02 Rock Is Dead Part
#1/03 Woman is a Devil/04 No Impabilimations Let's Roll/05 Boogie All Night/06 No Impablimations/07 Rock and Roll Woman/08 Queen of the Magazines and Medicine/09 Wipe out/10 Naked Woman (Jim Talking)/11 Naked Woman (Jam)/12 Rock Me/13 Mystery Train/14 A Little Piece/15 I Could Not Help Myself/16 Rock N Roll is Dead Part 2/17 We had Some Good Times, But They're Gone/18 The Death of Rock (conclusion) (JM Harp)/ 19 Final Words/20 Roadhouse Blues (vocal vamp fragment)/21Seminary School (Playback over Bit of Track/22 Seminary School/23 Seminary School....Whiskey, Mystics (Full Take)/24 Whiskey Mystics and Men (With Petition Intro)

TORONTO 9/13/69-01  When the Music's Over/02 Break On Through/03 Back Door Man/04 The Crystal Ship/05 Wake Up/06 Light My Fire/07 the End

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