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Friday, May 6, 2016

White Stripes Peel Session

Unsure if I've posted these or not (did a White Stripes rarities LONG ago), but if I have, there's always room for more White Stripes.....these undated Peel Sessions come from a vinyl rip, sounds great, and was contributed by John N. Always one of my very favorite bands, saw Jack with his new band in concert last year, and while great, NEVER could match the energy and fire of THE White Stripes!

PEEL SESSIONS-DISC 1 01 Let's Shake Hands/02 When I Hear My Name/03 Jolene/04 Death Letter/05 Cannon/06 Astro-Jack the Ripper/07 Hotel Yorba/08 I'm Finding It harder to Be a Gentleman/09 Screwdriver/10 We Are Going to Be Friends/11 You're Pretty Good Looking For a Girl/12 Boll Weevil/13 Hello Operator/14 Baby Blue

DISC 2-01 Lord Send Me an Angel Down/02 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground/03 I Think I Smell a Rat/04 Let's Build a Home/05 Little Room/06 The Union Forever/07 The Same Boy You've Always Known/08 Look me Over Closely/09 Looking at You/10 St. James Infirmary/11 Apple Blossom/12 Do/13 Rated X/14 Jumble Jumble/15 Little People


  1. D1


  2. I'll take all the live White Stripes you got.

  3. Yes, could you re-up the old White Stripes postings. They don't work anymore.

    Also, hoping for some Canned Heat.

    Thanks for a great site!

  4. I don't generally do reups (white stripes) UNLESS the person requesting submits something for the good of the blog.....Canned heat? another story as I have never profiled them, look for the in the next couple weeks!

  5. Just saw this post and was able to get the second disc from the download. Anyone know how to get the first ?