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Friday, May 6, 2016

Some Black Mountain demos from John N

Some weeks back I posted Black Mountain's "IV" album, which is you know it is not NORMALLY my policy to post new releases, but I LOVE Black Mountain so much, and their new disc is so fab (top-10 end of year list for certain), that I wanted as many ears to hear it as possible..... well, John N (who sent me the original), now sends me a cool demos disc from the same album...... haven't listened yet, but you can bet I will, Black Mountain is one of my very favorite of current bands. Check this out, I'm certain it's a rarity if nothing else!

01 Mothers of the Sun (demo)/02 Florian Saucer Attack (demo)/03 Line Them All Up (demo)/04 Cemetery Breeding (demo)/05 Crucify Me (demo)

This is a top notch submission, I hope you agree......I LOVE my guest contributors, and stuff like this is what makes it ALL worth while! Thanks once again John N!

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