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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jack & the Bearded Fishermen

OK, I'm gonna bet good money that you don't know this one.......from 2011, these guys popped out a few other discs, this is the only one I have ("Places to Hide", from what I read, it's generally considered their best)....hard to find much info on them, but the album is good old noisy stoner/hard psych/sludge, so you know old Uncle Scott is gonna love it.... seriously, a pretty damn good one, please take a chance on it, and IF anyone has any of their other albums, I'd love to hear em.

PLACES TO HIDE-01 Scenario/02 Roam until The End/03 Closed/04 Beginner/05 DF Code/06 Between the Ghosts/07 Invisible Song/08 42 Minutes Later/09 Hands Up Old Man/10 Places to Hide

PLEASE give this a listen, it's a really good one although not so well known....and THAT is what we're here for, right?



  2. Great pick! They toured a lot with Hellbats. Here's Jack and the bearded fisherman / Hombre Malo, Hunting isn't easy ... When dogs become wolves, and Minor Noise => Just missing Mighty Worms Strike 4,