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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mississippi Sludge

Nearly impossible to find any info on this band, I think this is their only release, 2001's "Biscuits and Slavery"......I used to generally dislike "southern rock" for the most part, but "southern stoner metal", ala Alabama Thunderpussy and this band I find pretty rockin'. This one is worth checking out, the vocals are a wee bit annoying (not TOO horrible, just kind of Molly Hatchett-like, and a handfull of good stoner rockin tracks, which may put on in the mind of Corrosion of Conformity or Alabama Thunderpussy, or Fu get the idea.

As I said, very little info here. Just slip this one on and enjoy.

BISCUITS AND SLAVERY-01 Biscuits and Slavery/02 Dirty Boy/03 Family/04 Cabin/05 Somethin Gotta Give/06 make Amends/07 Back to Back/08 Porchlight Blind/09 Soltry Lady/10 Untitled

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