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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Doors Part 8 (of MANY)

Next part of the gigantic Doors torrent I tripped over a couple weeks ago..... got a couple live discs and a couple of interview discs for your consumption this time (I am putting them up there in the order they came to me in the torrent so I don't confuse myself!)...

First up is a double disc effort, "100 Minutes", which is a live effort from Vancouver 6/6/70......of most interest here is that Albert King joins the band onstage (Disc 1) as they perform a few blues numbers. Don't think I've ever heard this one, maybe it's hard to find, I don't know.

Next we have a Jim Morrison interview disc 1/15/71.....rather lengthy, Bob Kourish performs the interview.....this is not REALLY my kind of thing, and thusly I have not listened to it, but I want to get the Morrison freaks to get everything they can handle.

Another interview disc follows, "A 1971 Conversation with Jim Morrison", this one by Ben Fong Torres....this one is broken down into about 20 tracks, and I've not listened to this one either.....but, again, it's here, and if you just can't get enough of ol' Mr Mojo Risin' here it is....

Wrapping up today is the commercial release, "Alive She Cried"....released in 1983, it's pasted together from a few different live efforts......a version of "Gloria" appears here, otherwise, fairly forgettable.

Stay tuned, lots of more Doors stuff to come whenever I get to it.

VANCOUVER DISC 1-01 Roadhouse Blues/02 Medley-Alabama Song-Back Door Man-Five to One/03 When the Music's Over/04 Love Me Two Times/05 Albert King Joins/06 Little Red Rooster/07 Money/08 Rock Me Baby/09 Who Do You Love/10 Albert King Exits

VANCOUVER DISC 2-01 Petition the Lord/02 Light My Fire/03 The End

BOB KOURISH INTERVIEWS MORRISON-01 part 1/02 Part 2/03 Part 3

A CONVERSATION WITH JIM MORRISON-01 The Blues/02 Elvis' Bass Player/03 The Facet of Music/04 Who is Writing the Music/05 What Kind of Schedule/06 I Couldn't Speak For Them/07 Do You Have a Film Project/08 Audience/09 Rock Is Dead/10 How Important Is Poetry to You/11 Why Have You Gotten Fat Jim/12 I Drink a Lot of Beer/13 What Grounds/14 You Know One Thing/15 The Lawyers Pointed Out/16 What the People Want/17 We Were Talking About the Heroes/18 The Great Beauty of  Capitalism/19 The Appeal of the Fillmore/20 The Success of the English

ALIVE SHE CRIED-01 Gloria/02 Light My Fire/03 You Make Me Real/04 Texas Radio & the Big Beat/05 Love Me Two Times/06 Little Red Rooster/07 Moonlight Drive


  1. VAncOUVER D1


    Courish Part 1

    COURISH part 2



  2. Hey Big Scott, thanks for the posts, but I think there's a problem with the first of the Courish interview files. Didnt work when I tried to unzip it.