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Friday, May 27, 2016

One from ME....The Holograms

This is the one I was attempting to find the CD came up on my IPOD today at work and I was amazed at how great it was......first of all, I am unsure if they ever released anything else, but if not "Night of 1000 Ex-Boyfriends" stands on it's own as a semi-classic. From 2005, the Holograms were Sammi  on bass/vocals, Emi on drums, and Jenz on guitar. Something like a trashy cross between Sleater Kinney and The Go Go's,  this is a sweet slab of chicks doing some awesome power pop/punk/garage rock, and this one is a MUST hear/have. Every tune will flip yer wig, "Scene Whore" and "Death Boy" are nothing but great, but the obvious standout here is "Your Ex Is Turning Tricks Again", filled with insightful lyrics like "she's got fleas and ticks again", "Smokin' ice for kicks again", and of course, "she needs clothes, her car needs gas, and her pimp says 'Go and sell that ass'"......tremendous tune, and a tremendous album. Hope y'all dig it!

NIGHT OF 1000 EX BOYFRIENDS-01 Are You Ready For It/02 Drunk Dial/03 Scene Whore/04 One Time Only/05 Your Ex is Turning Tricks Again/06 Head in the Sand/07 Death Boy/08 Weekend Bender/09 Domestic Bliss/10 Monogamy/11 The Ghost



  2. Dude, you are on a roll! The past few week's have been amazing post after amazing post. Thanks for introducing so much quality stuff!

  3. Thanks! You are on a roll, it's true

  4. Looks interesting - let's give it a shot!