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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bulbous Creation

Another hard/heavy psych one and done from those wonderful early 1970's.... another fave of mine, with fairly rough vocals, sloppy (a compliment) fuzz guitar, and unusually good drums and bass (for the era/genre) .....not a lot of info available on this band, but this album ("You Won't Remember Dying") has been a fave of mine for quite some time. A pretty good one all the way through, my fave is "Let's Go to the Sun", but there is a cool heavy "Stormy Monday", "End of the Page" and more. You know, by now, my love for this type of music from this particular era, if you share it, this is for you without question.

YOU WONT REMEMBER DYING-01 End of the Page/02 Having a Good Time/03 Satan/04 Fever Machine Man/05 Le's Go to the Sun/06 Hooked/07 Under the Black Sun/08 Stormy Monday

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