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Sunday, May 15, 2016

...and some more from that "other" band (a good one too!)

(Scott)-A "RH" boot that I didn't have (I have a bunch of them)....gave this one a listen, it's tremendous, and as Jon S says, a fine way to celebrate the release of their new disc! Thanks again to Jon S.

It's new album release week, so what better way to celebrate than with a classic live show!  This setlist one of the best I've ever seen. Its matched by the immaculate soundboard recording. A must-have!

Bonnaroo 6/16/06

Disc One -

01 - There There/02 - 2+2=5/03 - 15 Step/04 - Weird Fishes-Arpeggi/05 - Exit Music (For A Film)/06 - Kid A/07 - Dollars And Cents/08 - Videotape/09 - No Surprises/10 - Paranoid Android/11 - The Gloaming/12 - The National Anthem/13 - Climbing Up The Walls/14 - Nude/15 - Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Disc Two -

01 - The Bends/02 - Myxomatosis/03 - How To Disappear Completely/04 - (Encore Break 1)/05 - You And Whose Army/06 - Pyramid Song/07 - Like Spinning Plates/08 - Fake Plastic Trees/09 - Bodysnatchers/10 - Lucky/11 - Idioteque/12 - Karma Police/13 - (Encore Break 2)/14 - House Of Cards/15 - Everything In It's Right Place

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