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Friday, May 20, 2016

So, anyone up for some Kurt Vonnegut?

There are other things to do but listen to music, burnout...... I am presenting here a partial collection of works from my favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut Jr...... if you are unfamiliar with him (?) I really don't know how to describe him..... hilarious, ironic, satirical, of Vonnegut may wish to check out the audiobooks here (there are a few) and there are also a few PDF files if you be old school and like to actually read.

My fave, of course, is "Slaughterhouse Five", in which Billy Pilgrim jumps about in time, of course living through the bombing of Dresden as Vonnegut himself did (it's a somewhat recurring theme)......but he was no "one book wonder", not by any means...."Cat's Cradle"....."Sirens of Titan"......"Breakfast of Champions" me, hands down the greatest author of the 20th century. He passed away a few years ago.

He is missed.

Here is what is here:

"Welcome to the Monkey House" (audio book)
"Breakfast of Champions" (audio book)
"Hocus Pocus" (audio book)
"Slaughterhouse Five" (audio book)
The PDF package-"Breakfast Of Champions","Cat's Cradle", "Mother Night", "Next Door", "Player Piano", "Slapstick (Or Lonesome No More)", "Slaughterhouse Five", "The Sirens of Titan"

OK guys, prove your intellectual side...... this is GREAT
reading material, some of the best fiction EVER created. this is not what I ALWAYS do, but I do like to change things up on occasion......I will watch the traffic CAREFULLY on this one, as I have many authors that I love (Tom Robbins, Bill James, Margaret Atwood, George Orwell, Chuck Palahulnik, Dan Simmons, and LOTS more....lets see if this is a literary crowd or not. If not, no big deal, literature has always been important to me (GOD I wish I was a great writer)....if this meets with little interest, I'll file it away with "bad ideas"......but I hope a few of you are at least semi-thrilled!









  2. Love Vonnegut! Have read most of these over the years. Looks like our taste in writers is as similar as with music. This kind of post is a nice change of pace, I think. Sadly, I don't read as much as I used to, and find it harder to read on a screen than a page. Have had the latest Don DeLillo for a couple of weeks and have yet to turn a virtual page. Maybe tomorrow...

  3. Thanks! Brings back some great memories. It'll be nice to revisit these classics again!

  4. Love Kurt Vonnegut but i'm all about the epub/mobi formats.

    That cover for Sirens of Titan is hilariously misleading!

    1. Orangeopera, here is a great site that converts docs and PDF's into other formats incl epub and mobi:

  5. It will be great to revisit these. The SLAUGHTER link downloads the same file as the PDFS link. It is the same size and unpacks the same PDF files. Thanks!

  6. When I taught 1984 I used a short story from Monkey House as a companion text. I forget the title though. I've not read much Vonnegut, sadly. I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have read. I vote Chuck P for the next batch.

    1. James I love Chuck P......the problem is a LOT of his stuff is not available in PDF....working on the problem, like to do either he or Tom Robbins next time I do a post on an author (it will NOT become an often repeated feature, merely an occasional change of pace)

  7. GoofBallBros is correct....if you wish to get the fab audiobook reading of Slaughterhouse Five, do NOT use the link is the corrected one:

    When you catch a mistake like this, please help keep me on my toes by pointing it out to me, only way I will ever know.......and this is a GREAT reading of that classic book!

    1. You're the BEST. These will make my commute all the more bearable.

  8. omg scott you is the bestest bro. Went on a kurt vonnegut jag when i was a high schooler but not read him since. thanks for this and everything else here. I've got a few gems thanks to this max cool blog.